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this album is dedicated to beatrix clementine & frankie emerald; sisters held in the bonds of death, one day to be raised to new life,
and to all who have known the sting of life cut short. God go with you.


released September 4, 2016

TOMB is: Austin Baxter--guitar, vocals; Dennis Hodges--lead guitar, backing vocals; AAron Garner--drums; Justin Jordan--Bass guitar

All lyrics by Baxter. all music by TOMB (& Matt Miner on DEATH & EPILOGUE, Lisa Bella Donna on RESURRECTION)

special guest vocals by Renae Bumpus on EPILOGUE

produced and recorded by baxter--special thanks to joe kelly and lisa bella donna

album art: Shawn Tegtmeier


all rights reserved



TOMB Columbus, Ohio

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mother mary
that child you carry
will pierce your soul
and leave you cold

it’s a dreadful burden
oh, woeful woman
to know your fate
and to live and to wait

blackened storm clouds
thick with fear
on the horizon
gather near

they bring a wave
that will crush you where you stand
a vengeful ocean
grinding you to sand

it drags you under,
beneath the sea
holds you down,
drowns all hope of being free

no one to save you
from the march of time
or the loneliness,
the prison of your mind

mother mary
though your arms are empty
your father sees
and hears your pleas

your heart is aching
your world is shaking
you live an absurdity
as you march toward eternity
Track Name: DEATH
Searching with Hungry eyes
Reaching out With greedy hands
Looking for Something to satisfy
An insatiable Demand for ever more
I have felt His touch of fire
And the wounds Have left me cold
Burning with An unfulfilled desire
To see a life unfold
To grow, to dream, explore

Mercy--Less King
Ruling this world as his own
Brutal Master
Reaping where he has not sown
So this World waits
Longing for A new king to come
And place His last
Enemy Under his feet

Though I have known, The pain of his touch
And have been brought to my knees
I’m reminded of one, Who’s overcome death
Vanquishing this black disease

This Promise of life Is a beacon of light
Directing my course through the night
Willing me on East toward the dawn
Of the day when my faith shall be sight
The day when
Death has
Been cast
Into the fire
Out of
The earth:
The serpent
The liar

Fixing my gaze, Lifting my eyes
Ahead to the com--ing new age
Longing to live Forevermore
Under the rule of the White Sage

He has been through hell,
Endured loss and pain
To lay down his life
Only to pick it back up again

Up from
And fire
An end to
Death’s reign.
Shut up!
Stop this
Get up!
Little girl,
Dear one!

Take me by the hand and walk with me
Through gentle valleys and by peaceful streams
Tell me O Death, where is your sting?

Where is the power of which you boast?

The bridegroom will come in the night
The table prepared before time
All those who sleep will arise
For the feast of the bride!

All sleepers arise! rise, rise!
For the feast of the bride!
Track Name: EPILOGUE
is beckoning me to abandon hope
surrender to these feelings that i know
will lead me to that lonely, dark, and cold
land of the living dead

i don’t know how i can carry on
like every day i’m reaching far beyond
the strength in me to see the rising dawn
approaching from the east

i am a living martyr
the walking dead
a prisoner to
these crippling thoughts inside my head
a mother with no child
a creature with no place
i feel the world
can see it written on my face

i struggle on to hide
the pain that lurks beneath
to keep the world at bay
and keep me in one piece

desire comes betrays me,
reveals my loathsome shame
these empty arms still long to
hold the missing babe

oh come and rescue me, Lord from this fire
i feel the flames closing in
but in the hands of a gracious provider
i’ll rise from the ashes again!

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